Information for young people with long term illnesses transitioning to adult healthcare services…

Information for young people with long term ilnesses transitioning to adult healthcare services.




Becoming Independent

Becoming more independent is a natural part of life and happens at different stages for different people. As you achieve more independence and understand your responsibilities, you should be included in decisions that are made about your health care.
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SpunOut – Money
Youth information service SpunOut provides excellent information for youth about managing their money, saving, dealing with financial stress and a range of other money related topics.

Jigsaw is a community based organisation that provides online and in person mental health advice and support to youth aged 12-25.

Ahead provides information for students with a disability about accessing college or further education, supports available while in college and seeking employment after college. The AHEAD website provides a wide range of information and students can also contact the AHEAD information officer with queries about disability in 3rd level education or employment.

Spunout is Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, for young people. This youth focused websites provides information about education, employment, health and wellbeing, managing finances, mental health, LGBTI+, sex and relationships and more.

LGBT Ireland
LGBT Ireland provide a range of support services including LGBT helpline, transgender family support line, online chat and monthly peer support groups. They also provide information on a range of useful topics and to help you find supports in your area.

Text 50808
50808 is a free, anonymous, 24/7 messaging service providing everything from a calming chat to immediate support. 50808 provides a safe space where you’re listened to by a trained Volunteer. You’ll message back and forth, only sharing what you feel comfortable with. By asking questions, listening to you and responding with support, they will help you sort through your feelings until you both feel you are now in a calm, safe place.

Digital Youth Information Chat Service
Available from 4pm to 8pm for to young people aged between 16 and 25, the chat service is as easy to use as WhatsApp. You can message a Youth Information Worker with any questions you have about education, employment, your rights and entitlements, social protection benefits, college grants, accommodation, and more. We can give you information, answer your questions, and provide you with a second opinion.

YouthWork Ireland
Youth Information Centres throughout Ireland (YICs) provide a free, confidential information service to young people on a wide range of subjects including careers, education, employment matters, rights and entitlements, leisure, sport, travel and European opportunities.

Deirdre’s Story

Deirdre's Story
Childhood Cancer Ireland is a charity founded by and led by parents of children with cancer and cancer survivors. They work to help to ease the burden of diagnosis and treatment on children and their families by raising funds to provide practical and emotional supports. Their information page for

Barnardo’s Ireland
Barnardo’s teen well-being page offers information on a range of issues from school, friends and parents to depression, alcohol and drugs. The Barnardo’s website also has a useful information page with details of organisations and websites for young people.

Get Involved with Epilepsy Ireland

Become a Volunteer
Epilepsy Ireland requires media volunteers - people who are willing and able to communicate their experience with epilepsy to others. Sharing your experience can be on radio, TV or in print, or even on Epilepsy Ireland’s social media channels.

Salty Soldiers

Salty Soldiers
This is a page set up by a group of young people with Cystic Fibrosis to reach out and motivate other young people with CF. On this page they share their stories and experiences and keep people up to date on many aspects to do with CF.

Cystic Fibrosis UK

Cystic Fibrosis UK
Cystic Fibrosis UK has partnered with young people with CF who have transitioned to adult care to develop resources to support other young people with CF and their parents through transition. Please note this is a UK based website and services and supports described are not available in Ireland.

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