Clinics and Personnel

Clinics and personnel

Adult Leukaemia Service - University Hospital Waterford

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What clinics are there and when are they on?

Haematology and Oncology clinics are held in the Outpatients Department on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.Back to top ^

How do I get to the clinic?


University Hospital Waterford is situated on Dunmore Road, Waterford. It is approximately 3 km from Waterford City.

Accessing the Hospital:
Car: You can plan your route to the hospital by using the link and entering University Hospital Waterford in the to box found under the route planner tab.

Parking: There is a charge to use the car park, which is located in the hospital grounds.

Bus: Bus Eireann Waterford City Service. This service stops within the hospital grounds. (The timetable is available from 051-879080)

Bus: Kenneally’s bus service runs every 30 minutes from Monday to Friday. It stops outside the hospital. For more information phone (051) 872777

The haematology and oncology clinics are held in the Out patients Department number (4).

This department is located behind the admissions desk and the coffee shop on level 1 of the Hospital.

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What facilities are in the hospital?

Café: There is a coffee shop in the main reception area. Opening hours are 9.00 –20.00 Monday to Sunday.

Shop: There is a shop in the main reception area. Opening hours are 9.00 – 21.00 Monday to Sunday

Bank: There is a cash machine in the main reception area.

Church: There is a small oratory on level one and the hospital chapel is located in the hospital grounds

Library: There is a patient’s library on level one for patients who wish to read their books and magazines during the day.

Taxi: there is a free taxi phone available in the main foyer and in the Emergency Department. There is also a taxi rank located outside the hospitals main entrance.Back to top ^

Is it possible to visit the clinic and/or meet the staff before my first visit?

Patients referred to our service for the first time, generally have their first appointment as their first visit to the Haematology/ Oncology Clinic. However, any worries or concerns can be discussed with The Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist by phoning: (051) 84 2716 or bleep 821590 via the hospital switchboard by phoning (051) 848000Back to top ^

What will happen and who will I see on my first visit?

  • Generally, on your first visit you will meet the Senior House Officer or Registrar who will take your medical history.
  • You will visit the phlebotomy room to have a blood test.
  • The waiting time for results is approximately 60 – 90 minutes so it is advisable to attend earlier than the appointment time stated in your referral letter.
  • You will have a consultation with the Consultant.
  • Clinics are extremely busy so it is advisable to be prepared for a waiting period.
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Will the new hospital have all my notes?

Your referral letter from the paediatric service should have a summary of your condition and a list of your current treatments or medications. However, it is always helpful to have a medication list or make a note of any relevant concerns.Back to top ^

How often will I need to attend the clinic?

The frequency of your attendance at the clinic will depend on your condition and whether your medical plan is based on observation only or if active treatment is required.

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Will I see the same staff at each visit?

You are likely to see the same Consultant during each visit. However, You may see different staff members during any future visits. The Senior House Officers change every three months and Registrars every year.

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On a typical day, how long will my visit to the clinic last?

Your time at the clinic will usually last approximately 2-3 hours. This includes the time it takes to have your blood test carried out and the results reported, waiting time and the time with clinicians.

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How are appointments scheduled and rescheduled?

The scheduling of any future visits to the clinic is managed through consultant ‘s secretaries at the end of each clinic visit.

A re-scheduling of your appointment time can be requested, but if this occurs it may mean an overbooking to another clinic and therefore longer waiting times.Back to top ^

If I have questions about the transition, who should I contact and how?

Contact: Karena Maher haematology CNS, (Clinical Nurse Specialist) University Hospital Waterford.
Phone: (051) 84 2716 or bleep 821 590 via the Hospital switch board. (051) 848 000Back to top ^

Talking to the health care team

The health care team are there for you. Talking to them can be easier than you think..