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Adult Epilepsy Clinics - University Hospital Limerick

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Adult leukaemia Services Mid-western cancer centre, University Hospital, Limerick
University Hospital Limerick (image – courtesy of Communications University Hospital Limerick)

What clinics are there and when are they on?

A Consultant led Epilepsy clinic is held on alternate Tuesday afternoons from 14.00 – 17.00.

An Epilepsy Clinical Nurse specialist - New diagnosis and Education clinic takes place every Wednesday afternoon from 14.00 – 17.00.

A rapid access seizure clinic is held on alternate Friday afternoons from 14.00 – 17.00.
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How do I get to the clinic?


University Hospital limerick is situated on Saint Nessan's Road, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick.

All clinics are located in Outpatient Department (1). This is located on the ground floor of the hospital.

When you enter the main hospital entrance turn right and follow the signs for Outpatients (1).Back to top ^

What facilities are in the hospital?

There is a café and shop located at the main entrance to the hospital. There is another café and sandwich bar located near the Outpatient’s Department.

Canteen facilities are available 9.00 – 16.00. The canteen is currently located near the Outpatients Department.

There are currently 2 public car parks in the hospital. One is located in the front of the hospital to the left of the main entrance. The second car park is located to the right side of the hospital. At the main entrance veer right and follow the signs for Car Park 3.

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Is it possible to visit the clinic and/or meet the staff before my first visit?

This is not possible due to resource constraints, however there is a telephone advice line that patients can use Monday to Friday 9.00 – 14.00 where patients can speak with the epilepsy nurse regarding any questions they may have. The telephone number is: 061 -482146Back to top ^

What will happen and who will I see on my first visit?

Your first appointment will be in the Consultant Led Epilepsy Clinic. During this clinic you will see the Consultant Neurologist and also the clinical Nurse Specialist in Epilepsy. Back to top ^

Will the new hospital have all my notes?

Yes, detailed referral documents from the consultant and the multidisciplinary team are sent from the paediatric hospital to the adult hospital.
The hospital will have your medical file for your clinic appointment.Back to top ^

How often will I need to attend the clinic?

This is very individual depending on each individual’s care needs. If your epilepsy is stable, then you are usually reviewed on an annual basis. However, If you encounter difficulties between appointments you can contact the epilepsy telephone advice line on 061 482146 and speak with the epilepsy specialist nurse.

If an urgent review is necessary an appointment can be arranged in the rapid access seizure clinic.

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Will I see the same staff at each visit?

In University Hospital Limerick we have a small team consisting of the Consultant Neurologist, Neurology Registrar and one Clinical Nurse Specialist in Epilepsy. During review appointments patients are seen by either the Neurologist or Epilepsy nurse or both if necessary.

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On a typical day, how long will my visit to the clinic last?

This can very dependant on individual need. All patients are provided with an allocated appointment time. Usually the outpatient clinic visit will last no longer than 90 minutes.

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How are appointments scheduled and rescheduled?

Appointments are issued by the Neurology Secretary as specified by the Consultant. The details of your next appointment are sent to you by post. Appointments are booked up several months in advance therefore it is difficult to request a specific date or time. However, we will do as much as possible to accommodate patient’s appointments. At least 24 hours notice is required if cancelling an appointment.Back to top ^

If I have questions about the transition, who should I contact and how?

Olivia O Sullivan - Clinical Nurse Specialist Epilepsy
Epilepsy Telephone advice is available on Monday – Friday 9.00– 14.00 Phone: 061 -482146Back to top ^

Talking to the health care team

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