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Questions About The Transition to Adult Health Care Services

  • Why do I have to move to adult health care services?
  • When do you think I will be moving?
  • Which hospital/clinic will I be moving to?
  • Will the new hospital have all my medical notes?
  • Who is responsible for organising my transition?
  • If I get ill before my first visit to the adult clinic, where should I go?
  • Who will be my new consultant?
  • Can I visit the new adult hospital/clinic before I have my first visit?
  • How long will I have to wait for my first visit?
  • Where is the clinic located in the hospital?
  • Can I bring a parent/guardian or a friend with me for my first appointment in
  • What will happen and who will I see on my first visit?
  • Will I see the same health care staff at each visit?
  • What kind of waiting times can I expect at the adult clinic?
  • What medications and/or treatments are available in the adult clinic?
  • What are the hospital’s/clinic’s policies on home treatments?
  • If I become an in-patient, how will that experience be different from the children’s hospital?
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