Clinics and Personnel

Clinics and personnel

Adult Congenital Heart Service
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

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What clinics are there and when are they on?

Congenital Heart Clinic Dr. Walsh – Clinic 9 Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Wednesday 1.30pm. Attendance from 16 years onwards

Congenital Heart Clinic (Private) Dr. Walsh – 58 Eccles Street. Opposite Mater public hospital
Monday 1.30pm. Attendance from 16 years onwards

Marfan Clinic Dr. Walsh & Prof. Redmond – Clinic 9 Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Friday 1.00pm - 3-4 times yearly Attendance from 16 years onwards

Cardiothoracic clinics – Prof. Redmond, Mr. Nolke & Mr. McGuinness
Whitty Building, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Back to top ^

How do I get to the clinic?

Clinic 9 is situated on the 2nd floor of the Whitty building (see map)
58 Eccles Street (Dublin 7) is opposite the Public hospital on Eccles Street.

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What facilities are in the hospital?

Bank: There is a cashless Bank of Ireland branch and Pass Point ATM in the main hospital concourse.

Private appointments available by calling Telephone: 01-830 9992 Fax: 01-850 0387  

Coffee Shop There is a coffee shop in the main concourse on the 3rd floor and on the 1st floor of the whitty building for visitor use only. Opening Hours Monday to Friday 7.00am – 8.00pm Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm  

Newsagent There is a newsagent is on the 1st floor of the Whitty building sells cards, magazines etc. You must get permission from the nurse in charge before you leave the ward.Back to top ^

Is it possible to visit the clinic and/or meet the staff before my first visit?

All patients are welcome to have an informal visit prior to their first consult by contacting Rhona Savage or Esther Doran clinical nurse specialists on 01-803 4701 or 01-854 5267.

This visit will not include any medical examination or tests. If you are unwell prior to transfer please contact your paediatric service.Back to top ^

What will happen and who will I see on my first visit?

At your first visit you will initially meet one of the secretarial team who will take all your details. It is vital these are correct so we can contact you in the future with appointments. The clinic nurse will take your blood pressure and record your weight and height. Following this you will have an echocardiogram and ECG completed by our cardiac technician team.

Once all you tests are completed one of the clinical nurse specialist will see you and discuss you condition and long-term plan. All lifestyle issues will be disused with them as well. This is a perfect time to ask as many questions as you want. Finally, you will see one of the medical team who will look at the results of all your tests and advise you if you need more tests and when to return to clinic.Back to top ^

Will the new hospital have all my notes?

Hospitals never transfer patient’s full notes. A summary of all the events that occurred during your time in the children’s hospital and a copy of all your surgeries will be sent to us prior to your 1st clinic review.Back to top ^

How often will I need to attend the clinic?

This will be decided after your 1st visit, it can vary based on your diagnosis.Back to top ^

Will I see the same staff at each visit?

The main congenital heart team in the Mater are:

Dr. Walsh – Cardiologist,
Prof. Redmond, Mr. Nolke & Mr. McGuinness - Cardiothoracic surgeons
Rhona Savage and Esther Doran – Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)

The consultant who you are attending and the clinical nurse specialist will attend all the clinics. The cardiac technician team and the secretarial staff will also become familiar to you. Our junior doctors normally change on a yearly basis so you will also see some new faces at clinic.Back to top ^

On a typical day, how long will my visit to the clinic last?

A minimum of two hours needs to be given for each visit as you need to have all your tests done as well as seeing the nurse specialist and consultant.Back to top ^

How are appointments scheduled and rescheduled?

Your initial appointment is based on what your paediatric cardiologist suggest for your review. An appointment is then sent to you by post. Once you have registered at your 1st clinic we can send you text reminders of your future clinic appointments.

Please give as much notice as possible if you are rescheduling an appointment as all clinic slots are in high demand. The secretary is contactable at 01-803 2353 or there is a section on the mater website out-patient section on how to reschedule appointments.Back to top ^

If I have questions about the transition, who should I contact and how?

Please contact:

Rhona Savage - Clinical nurse specialist 01-803 4701
Esther Doran - Clinical nurse specialist 01-854 5268

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Talking to the health care team

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