About Transition

Making the transition

The Transfer/Transition Stage. [from 18 years approx.]

This stage is the final stage and involves the transfer to the appropriate adult health care service. At this stage you should be advised on when you are moving and where you will be moving to. You should try to find out as much information as you can about your medical history, so that you feel ready to make the move. Your parent(s)/guardian(s), as well as your old and new health care teams, will be supporting you in this stage. Think of the transfer as a process rather than a single event, it will take time for you to adjust fully to the new procedures and practices.

Top Tips

  • Find out which adult service you will be transferring to. Try to arrange to visit or make a phone call to the clinic before you move – this way you will find out what to expect at the first visit.
  • As you get older, you will be expected to answer questions about your medical history, medication and treatments - try to find out as much as you can and maybe make some notes for yourself.
  • Give some thought to your first visit to the adult clinic. Consider the questions you would like to ask and maybe make a list to take with you.
  • Continue to look after your medications and/or treatments – you will be better able to talk to your health care team by doing this.
  • Think about your lifestyle choices (exercise, diet, hobbies, sport, education) –and the possible effects these could have on your condition. Aim to achieve a healthy match with your condition and lifestyle.
  • If you can, start to contact your health care team yourself – arrange appointments, ask about medications and hospital visits.

Ready for transition.

Are you ready for the transition to adult heath care? Get prepared to make the step up.