Clinics and Personnel

Clinics and personnel

Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland - Adult Brain Tumour Services

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Cork University Hospital (Image – courtesy of Communications Cork University Hospital)

What clinics are there and when are they on?

New patients are seen in public clinics as listed below:

The Radiation Oncology Department:
Professor S. O ‘Reilly, Medical Oncologist, Wednesday 14.00 onwards and Thursday 13.00 onwards.
Dr. F Vernimen, Radiation Oncologist, Thursday 9.00 onwards.
Dr. D. O’ Mahony, Medical Oncologist, Monday 13.00 onwards and Friday 13.00 onward.
Dr. C, McGibney, Radiation Oncologist, Friday 14.00 onwards.
Dr. P. Kelly, Radiation Oncologist, Tuesday 9.00 onwards.

The Awbeg Suite:
Mr. C. Lim Neurosurgeon, Tuesday 13.30 onwards.
Mr. M.G.J. O’ Sullivan Neurosurgeon, Wednesday 13.30 onwards.
Mr G. Kaar Neurosurgeon, Wednesday 13.30 onwards.Back to top ^

How do I get to the clinic?

By Bus:
Five city buses stop at Cork University Hospital. Those are bus numbers: 201,208,214,216,219. Also, bus number 205 stops at the bottom of Bishopstown Avenue.

By Car:
At Wilton Roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Bishopstown Rd, Turn right at Cardinal Way, Turn left, Turn right, Turn right, Cork University Hospital will be on the right.

The Radiation Oncology Department is located on the ground floor adjacent to the X-Ray Department and can be accessed through the main or outpatients entrances.

The Awbeg Suite Out-patients department is located on the ground floor and can be accessed by the Out-patients entrance. More details are on

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What facilities are in the hospital?

Facilities include a CAFÉ, an ATM machine and a shop. Car parking is available opposite the main hospital, adjacent to the Emergency and Outpatient Departments.

The current parking charge is €2.70 per hour subject to a daily maximum of €15. Two free phone Taxi service facilities are available within the Hospital.

Public telephone facilities are available on each floor between the wards, on the main concourse, in the Accident and Emergency area and in the Out Patients department.Back to top ^

Is it possible to visit the clinic and/or meet the staff before my first visit?

Meeting and site visit are generally not arranged prior to a first visit- but this can be discussed between medical & nursing teams and between the referring hospital & Cork University Hospital.Back to top ^

What will happen and who will I see on my first visit?

  • You will meet with the relevant consultant, member of the medical team and in the case of patients with primary malignant brain tumours the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neuro-Oncology.
  • Referrals are made as per need to appropriate members of the allied health professions.
  • Tests may be requested as required such as imaging and blood tests.
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Will the new hospital have all my notes?

Detailed referral letters are usually sent to us from the referring hospital with all relevant pathology and radiology information. In order to address all pressing issues at the first consultation, it is useful for the patient and accompanying family members to bring a written summary of the patient’s medical history, any current medications and any questions.Back to top ^

How often will I need to attend the clinic?

The Consultant carries out any need for review and this will determine any future visits to the clinic.

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Will I see the same staff at each visit?

Patients may be seen by different members of the team but can request to see their Consultant on each visit.

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On a typical day, how long will my visit to the clinic last?

Clinic waiting times vary greatly. New patient’s consultations can take up to one hour.

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How are appointments scheduled and rescheduled?

Neurosurgical Clinic Appointments are made via Central Appointments. Medical Oncology & Radiation Oncology clinic appointments are made via each Consultant’s secretary.Back to top ^

If I have questions about the transition, who should I contact and how?

Contact the Consultant’s secretary directly via CUH hospital switchboard. Telephone: (021) 492 2000
Contact the Neuro-Oncology Clinical Nurse specialist in relation to patients with Primary Malignant brain tumours.
Telephone: (021) 492 2000Back to top ^

Talking to the health care team

The health care team are there for you. Talking to them can be easier than you think..